Composite Cork for Boats

Composite cork installations

Composite cork is easy to work with a stanley knife and cut to shape. It is supplied in 4m long strips that can be bonded to the boat spaced at 5mm intervals with the space in between caulked like a traditional teak deck. Composite cork is a mixture of rubber and cork making it tough and pliable. Once laid it should be sealed with our recommended sealer. It is a particularly good decking solution for steel boats, catamarans and cockpit seats. Composite cork reduces weight and keeps the boat insulated from sound and condensation.

Composite cork is best suited to fitting “in situ” and building strip by strip just like a real teak deck. Each strip is spaced 5mm apart and wet caulked with an appropriate sealant/adhesive. 


composite cork decking
steel boat decked in composite cork
sailboat cockpit seats in composite cork